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Buildpro Welding Table FAQS

Posted by Administrator on 5/21/2013 to Stronghand

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the largest table size available?

The largest size currently available is 46" x 96" (roughly 4 x 8 ft). Top

Can I join several tables together to make a larger work surface?

The TMK505 is a Table Joining Kit designed to align multiple tables together in an end to end configuration or side by side.Top

What are the advantages of a nitride finish on welding tables?

Nitriding is a form of heat treatment hardening. The advantages of Nitriding for a welding table is greater resistance to weld spatter, wear, and corrosion.Top

What are the portability options for welding tables?

Our welding tables have an optional Leveling Castors (TMLC600) that easily adjusts and levels without the need for tools. When stationary the wheels can be retracted completely off the ground for a stable work surface. A Leg Brace Kit can be added as a further option for enhanced stability. Top

Do you have any tables for heavier duty work?

Siegmund Welding Tables are available for heavy duty fabrication requirements . Top

Is there a CAD library available for the table?

Our CAD library is available for download hereTop