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Dynabrade Introduces Silver Supreme Orbital Sanders

Posted by Administrator on 12/1/2010 to Dynabrade

Dynabrade unveils Silver Supreme line

  Dynabrade has introduced an extensive line of air-powered random orbital sanders designed for use in high-production areas. The Dynorbital Silver Supreme sanders are suited for flat and horizontal sanding on wood, metal, composites, solid surface, plastic, fiberglass and other materials.he 1/4-hp variable-speed sanders are available in 3", 3-1/2", 5" and 6" diameter models. Three different sanding orbit diameters are offered; 3/8" for aggressive material removal, 3/16" for general sanding and 3/32" for ultra-fine sanding. The Dynorbital Silver Supreme is available as a non-vacuum sander, a self-generated vacuum sander and a central vacuum sander. By mixing sander sizes, orbit diameters and vacuum options, 36 sander configurations are available.

“We basically took a look at our existing line and listened to the improvements that customers wanted to see,” says Andy Mandell, Dynabrade spokesman. “There are so many varieties of sanding applications that we come across, whether it is woodworking or Corian, stainless steel, removing paint in the automotive aftermarket. We also had some customers who really wanted a lighter sander for vertical sanding or ladies with smaller hands, which is where the Spirit model developed, and the Supreme is our heavier model. The new Silver Supreme is basically a combination of the two.”

The American-made sanders have a pneumatic requirement of at least 90 psi. The sanders are light, weighing slightly more than 2 lbs. The throttle levers are color-coded to identify the elliptical pattern; orange is 3/8", gray is the standard 3/16" and black is 3/32". The throttle lever is recessed into the housing of the sander.

“When you press the throttle lever down, it fits into the housing itself so you don’t have the possibility of pinching your finger during operation,” Mandell says. “Other competitors’ models don’t do that, where the throttle lever rests on top of the housing itself. It’s something we’ve found out from our customers, that they would like to eliminate any pinch point when operating the tool.”

The sanders operate up to 12,000 rpm; the variable speed is controlled by a speed control dial on the back of the housing. The tool also features various ergonomic features including a comfort platform, which provides additional wrist support and a rubber overmold, which eliminates cold-air transmission to the operator’s hands. Dynabrade also redesigned its sanding pads and changed the pad color to orange.

Company accessories include dust collection systems, portable vacuum systems, downdraft tables, and replacement sanding pads and abrasives.