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Fein FSC 2.0Q-TS 220V Quick-In. Supercut Tile Restorat / Bathroom Renovation Set

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Part Number:FINFSC 2.0Q TS
Fein FSC 2.0Q-TS 220-V is Quick-In Supercut Tile Restorat / Bathroom Renovation Set. With the Professional-Set Tile / Bathroom Renovation, the tiling professional gets everything that is needed to achieve this. Fein FSC 2.0Q-TS 220-Volt Supercut Tile Restoration Features: With plumbing repairs, tile replacement needs to take place as quickly and accurately as possible. The set allows individual tiles to be cut out and replaced without damage to adjacent tiles. Grout can be cut out quickly and accurately, right into corners and radii, with limited dust and no overcut. For flush cut offs of old heating pipes, cutting to length, making recesses, Drywall cutouts, corner blocks or flooring panels. Fein FSC 2.0Q-TS Includes: 1 FEIN SUPERCUT CONSTRUCTION in a carrying case 1 diamond segment blade (type 162) 1 tungsten carbide segment blade, thin (type 224) 1 mushroom-shaped blade (type 128) 1 rigid scraper blade 2 tungsten carbide rasps 2 E-CUT Universal saw blades (types 147, 148) 1 adapter and 2 mounting bolts

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