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Fein GXR 3-In. x 88-9/16-In. GRIT GX Radius Grinder

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A system with unlimited possibilities - GRIT GX
GRIT GX is based on the building block principle. That means a full-fledged belt grinding machine serves as a the basic unit. The range of capabilities can be expanded as needed, using add-on modules (e.g. for cylindrical or radius grinding). That saves time, money and space. GRIT GX machines are easy to convert from one application to another. With this very flexible approach, combined with great reliability, robust construction and ideal match to materials and numerous application, the GX series is particularly suitable for trade use or small production runs. In addition, the GX series makes its case with high cost-effectiveness in use: no matter whether coarse grinding or finishing - with GRIT GX machines you work quickly, safely and with high-quality results.
The perfect solution for pipe and tube fabrication. By attaching the GXR Radius Grinder, the GX 75 and GX 75 2H Belt Grinders converts to the ideal platform for precise radius profiles on pipe and round or square stock. Standard features include: a quick clamp system, traverse carriage, indexed degree table, and depth stop. User friendly with professional results - quickly and effortlessly.
  • Expansion module for radius grinding on a wide range of work pieces such as pipe, square tube, flat material, and profiles
  • Ideal for trade use and small production runs
  • Ease of assembly means quick put together, quickly converted
  • High operational and equipment safety
  • Professional results with professional equipment and accessories
  • For precise grinding of profiles and pipes from 5/8-in to 3-in (16 to 75-mm)
  • Pipes, profiles or solid material, the GXR Radius Grinder is ideally suited
  • Precise, efficient and economical processing achieved through a quickly indexed angle gauge and unique quick clamp vise for round and square stock
  • Vise with stainless steel clamping jaws
  • Easy handling by four easy-to-steer transport casters
  • Retrofitable length stop ensures consistent, precise results in repetitive production; length stop is adjustable through 39-3/8" and can be added at any time
  • For angles of 30 degrees to 90 degrees: 30 degrees maximum 1-1/2-in (37.5-mm) diameter, 45 degrees maximum 2-1/16-in (53-mm) diameter, 60 degrees maximum 2-9/16-in (64.5-mm) diameter, and 90 degrees maximum 3-in (75-mm) diameter
  • Low speed (1,800 RPM) optimal for processing stainless steel - less burrs and heat tarnish
  • Can be combined with the GI 75 and GI 75 2H using the required adapter (6 99 02 186 00 0)
  • 3-in x 88-9/16-in GRIT GX Radius Grinder - GXR
  • Grain 36 Type Z Grinding Belt
  • 42.4-mm Contact Roller
  • 48.3-mm Contact Roller
  • Dust Collector

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