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Fein RS 12-70 E-PS Pipe Polisher Kit

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Competency in grinding, finishing and polishing applications.
Two things that count for processing stainless steel surfaces are performance and speed. The FEIN HIGH-POWER MOTOR provides the pipe sander RS 12-70 E with a working speed of up to 72 ft/s. The abrasive performance is extremely high with top results - from rough sanding to mirror polishing. Stainless steel pipes with diameters from about 5/16" to 3-1/8" can be finished; especially hand rails and rods. Only two sanding passes are necessary for sanding or polishing pipes because the belt envelops 180 Degree of the pipe. Even hand rails that are already mounted can be finished if they are at least 2" away from the wall. And ''opening'' of the belt is not necessary for closed pipe systems. All these benefits can be quickly reaped during routine labor.
  • Pipe polisher with accessory selection covering coarse grinding to mirror finish
  • Efficient grinding of weld seams due to ideal cutting speed of the grinding belts
  • Variable speed for grinding, satin finishing and mirror-finish polishing of previously-installed hand rails
  • Flexible grinding belts conform themselves perfectly, even on sharp pipe curves, and consequently produce seamless surfaces
  • 360 degrees circumferential grinding in only two steps
  • Optional guide roller for limited wall clearance
  • Self-start lock
  • Dustproof ball bearing
  • Automatic switch-off carbon brushes
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Pipe Polisher Kit - RS 12-70 E-PS
  • (10) 32-1/16-in x 13/16-in 120-Grit Sanding Belts
  • (10) 32-1/16-in x 13/16-in 180-Grit Sanding Belts
  • (10) 32-1/16-in x 1-9/16-in 120-Grit Sanding Belts
  • (10) 32-1/16-in x 1-9/16-in 180-Grit Sanding Belts
  • (5) 32-5/16-in x 13/16-in 280-Grit Fleece Belts
  • Metal Tool Case

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