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Fein Wsg 12-70E-Ps Variable Speed Metal Grinder

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Part Number:FINWSG 12-70E-PS


The WSG 12-70 E features a variable-speed, electronically controlled, constant torque motor for uniform finishing. Easily switch from linear to rotary operation. Leveling weld seams, removing spatters, deburring, smoothing, removing scratches, matting, satin finishing, brush polishing, generating surface effects and creating decorative surfaces just got a whole lot easier.

NOTE: The rated speed of accessories used on this tool must be equal to or greater than maximum speed (7,000 rpm) for this tool. Using accessories at a faster rpm than they are rated for is extremely unsafe and can cause injury. Always follow proper safety precautions when using power tools.

  • WSG 12-70E Tool
  • Metal Case
  • 1 WSG Rough Stainless Steel Set -includes:
  • 10 hook and loop sanding pads, 5" medium;
  • 1 hook and loop mounting disc
  • 3 serrated grinding discs, segmented, ? 5", grit 40;
  • 1 cleaning pad ? 5"; 1 flap wheel 5", grit 60
  • 1 handle(for left or right mount)
  • 1 wrench


ModelWSG 12-70 E_PS
Power input 1,200 W
Power output 750 W
Idle speed *2,700 -7,000 rpm
Spindle5/8" - 11
Weight4.6 lbs
Power cord length 13 ft

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