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Jancy ROTOSTAR3-PLATE Roto-Star 3 Rotary Welding Positioner with 16 In. Plate

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Variable Speed Foot Pedal

Roto-Star 3 Rotary Welding Positioner with 16 inch Plate

The Roto-Star welding positioners are a must for precision welding. These heavy duty units were designed to increase productivity and improve quality for a variety of applications. They are also adjustable from 0 to 90 degree by 15 degree increments and features a 300 amp double grounding system which eliminates feedback during high frequency welding.

This unit is equipped with a 16 inch surface plate for fixture work pieces, as well as a reversible variable speed control unit. Optional accessories include an adjustable idler roller assembly, variable speed foot pedal control, and arm rest. Roto-Star welding positioners are manufactured in the USA and carry a full one year warranty. 


1 year manufacturer's warranty 

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