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Norton New Products at Fabtech

Posted by Administrator on 9/1/2011 to Norton

Norton Abrasives to Feature New Product Solutions for Right Angle Grinding at FabTech 2011. 


Visit booth #6500 to see live demonstrations of new Norton Abrasives’ products.


WORCESTER, MA, USA - Saint-Gobain Abrasives (September 6, 2011) - Norton, the world's largest abrasives manufacturer, will be exhibiting new abrasives products at FABTECH Booth # 6500 from November 14-17, 2011 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Norton will feature the latest in right angle grinding solutions for welding and metal fabrication applications. (


The Norton Abrasives booth will have four main displays, three of which will be product towers featuring right angle grinding solutions from different categories, and one which will feature live demonstrations of a variety of the products being displayed at the show. Each product category will feature BEST, BETTER and GOOD solutions. The BEST category is for users looking for highest productivity and lowest total cost; BETTER solutions are an excellent blend of performance and price; and GOOD products provide consistent performance and low initial cost.


One information tower will feature Flap Discs including SG Blaze® R980P, NorZon® BlueFire™ and Merit® Metal discs. New this year is the Quick Trim backing on SG Blaze® and TwinStar™ flap discs, providing a new flexible, easily-trimmed plastic back plate, allowing full use of the flaps to reduce material and labor costs.  SG Blaze is the industry's best product and offers the lowest total cost solution on stainless and alloys. BlueFire discs feature new zirconia alumina plus abrasives for an increased cut rate, offering an exceptional blend of performance and price with up to 30% longer life over conventional zirconia products on carbon steel and weld. Merit Metal abrasives utilize an engineered blend of two high-performance zirconia products to provide the best starting specification, when price is a primary consideration.

Norton's NEW Non-Woven Right Angle Discs, including SG Blaze® Rapid Strip™ and Vortex® Rapid Blend™ will be featured in a second tower. SG Blaze discs, which have Norton SG ceramic alumina grain for faster cutting and longer life, are a better choice for stripping rough rust and scale off of metal parts while still being flexible enough to avoid gouging the base material.  New Vortex discs feature an innovative, high-performance engineered grain and improved resin bond system, providing aggressive, fast stock removal and a fine finish in deburring and blending operations.


Depressed Center Wheels will be featured in a third tower and will include an exciting new product line introduction in this category - NEW BlueFire™ advanced zirconia wheels will be debuted at FABTECH.  This upgrade from the Charger™ line to the all new BlueFire wheels features the latest generation of the patented Norton SG and Norton Norzon grain combination.  Depressed center wheels ranging from 4"- 9" with thickness from 1/8" - 1/4" will be featured.  Depressed center wheels are designed to handle the most severe right angle grinding applications from heavy stock removal and rough blending to notching/cut-off.


Norton Abrasives' booth will also have a Live Demonstration Area where many abrasives, including the new product solutions, will be put through their paces.