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Norton Vortex Wheels

Posted by Administrator on 9/1/2011 to Norton

Vortex Rapid Blend Discs outperform all surface blending discs with our new aggregate grain and 3D construction.

Key Applications / Markets

  • Special resin chemistry allows disc to resist shedding when used on sharp edges making it ideal for deburring
  • Initially targeted at the aerospace deburring market
  • Deburring/knocking off edges of aerospace wing spars and other freshly machined or sheared parts: titanium and other high nickel alloys, stainless, mild steels, and aluminum
  • Also ideal for any metal fabrication or MRO edge deburring and machine mark blending applications
  • 3 - 8 times the life of competitive surface blending discs
  • 3-D construction: abrasive is distributed throughout the entire disc (top, bottom and side) so all three faces can be used – versus competitors' one thin layer of abrasive on the bottom of their discs
  • Disc can be consumed, right down to the button, with consistent cut rate throughout entire thickness and life
  • Proprietary Vortex aluminum oxide aggregate grain performs the medium and very-fine grit steps of traditional discs in an easy one-step operation
  • Special resin chemistry allows disc to resist shedding when used on sharp edges, making it ideal for deburring
  • No smearing because edge has no scrim versus competitors' scrimmed discs which can smear
  • Fewer safety, ergonomic, and environmental issues due to fewer change-outs, less downtime, and less production waste/landfill scrap
  • Shapeable disc edge