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Proprietary New Neon Aluminum Oxide Discs, Belts, and Flap Wheels

Posted by Administrator on 7/30/2012 to Norton
21 June 2012

Norton Neon products deliver 30% + improvement in life over key competitors’ aluminum oxide products. They are a good choice for soft metals hard-to grind stainless and carbon steel, and light-to moderately-demanding general purpose applications.


Typical Applications/Markets
• MRO• Foundry
• Primary metal• Metal fabrication
• Investment castings• Woodworking, cabinet, particle board, and plywood (belts only)


Features and Benefits

  • Premium abrasive and aluminum oxide blend make Neon products a good choice for hard-to-grind materials (aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless, carbon steel, and titanium) and general purpose applications requiring an economical option
  • Versatile grit ranges meet many material and application requirements, from roughing to blending
  • New resin system and durable backings improve base adhesion and stand up on light- to moderately-demanding applications
  • Neon green color works as a wear indicator; easy to see when a product change is needed


Please see these links for specific product details and flyers:
Norton Neon F766 Aluminum Oxide Fiber Discs  
Norton Neon R766 Aluminum Oxide Flap Discs  
Norton Neon R766 Aluminum Oxide Quick-Change Discs  
Norton Neon R369 Aluminum Oxide Flap Wheels  
Norton Neon R766 Aluminum Oxide File and Portable Belts 
Norton Neon R766 Aluminum Oxide Narrow Belts 
Norton Neon R766 Aluminum Oxide Wide Belts