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Part Number:SHTMGH20
Strong Hand© Gusset Magnet

Unique! Developed by Customer Demand for quick parallel plane alignment, locating, and clamping of Gussets, Base Plates, and Panels.

This low-profile Gusset Magnet provides the unique function of holding stock securely at 3 points directly on the surface area of Gussets, Base Plates, and Panels for locating and clamping, while leaving ample space for tack welding.

Four rare earth disc magnets set in the magnet face hold the Gusset Magnet against your frame or substructure with direct, even clamping pressure for a fast, accurate and convenient setup. Three Adjustable 1-1/2" Magnetic Hex Bolts protrude from the magnet face and can be pre-set to the correct depth to securely position the gusset panel in a precise location for tack welding.

Three positioning pins in the magnet face act as a guide for the quick alignment and positioning of the Gusset Magnet against the substructure. Equipped with a total of 7 magnets, the Gusset Magnet is easy to handle, place, and remove. The Gusset Magnet comes with a pair of attachable "arms" that swing out from the magnet body to hold stock at any point, and any angle.

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